Natascha Osterkorn sings Russian gipsy songs and romances in a program entitled:

Gipsies Are Found Near Heaven

A release concert for her new CD: Always Happy - Modern Gipsy Music
Over the past few years, Natascha Osterkorn, has become probably the most beloved artist in the German speaking world interpreting traditional Russian gypsy songs.  Natascha Osterkorn is not just a singer who draws a loyal following of adoring fans: because of her authentic emotionality and her superb musical talent, she can also move large audiences previously unacquainted with gipsy music.  Her concert is a reminiscence of the Soviet blockbuster film of 1976, Gipsies Are Found Near Heaven (known in Germany as Das Zigeunerlager zieht in den Himmel), which attained cult status in the Eastern Bloc countries and is still cherished by many today.  The soundtrack is also well known and respected among aficionados of ethnic music. Natascha Osterkorn grew up with her Roma-Gipsy grandmother, who introduced her to some of the ways of the old, traditional gipsy life.  It was through this experience that she connected to the emotion, attitudes, culture and – above all – to the uniquely beautiful music of the Gipsy people.  Natascha Osterkorn went on to study classical piano and gave solo concerts on many cosmopolitan stages.  Eventually, she was drawn back musically to her emotional roots, and she set herself the task of making the traditional music of the Russian Roma more accessible to a larger and younger audience.  Three studio CDs resulted from this work.

Day and Night (1999) established Natascha Osterkorn’s reputation as an important interpreter of gipsy music.

The experimental Gipsy Fantasies (2004) fused concert piano and gipsy music.

Her third studio CD production, Always Happy“ – Modern Gipsy Music, released in 2009. Natascha Osterkorn and her record label dedicate these productions in lasting, respectful tribute to all groups known collectively as “gipsies.”

In her new CD release concert, Natascha Osterkorn is accompanied by acoustic guitars and balalaika played by two magnificently talented and well-known gipsy musicians: Oljeg Matrosov (the musical genius behind the band APPARATSCHIK) and Vadim Kulitzkii (former guitarist for the internationally renowned gipsy band LOYKO).

Natascha Osterkorn has performed with this concert program in South Korea, China, England, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, and the United States.

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